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The Progress of Tacos

In recent times, tacos have become so much more than what they used to be! I remember when the only thing I equated to tacos was beef, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes!

In 2014, Flat Waves introduced its first taco to the menu of what was originally traditional Hawaiian plate lunch fare. Our first endeavor into the world of tacos was a fish taco that was made with grilled cod, shredded cabbage, and a jicama pineapple slaw. Everyone who we could convince to try a taco with fish some crazy legume that they couldn't pronounce loved it! It wasn't long until we knew we were on to something with the new taco concoctions and had to expand on it!

Photo of the original fish taco @FlatWaves

Since the launch of our tacos in 2014, we slowly expanded, twisted, and changed our taco menu to a fun and unique variety of tacos and toppings! From our smoked pulled pork taco with grilled pineapple to a pickled fruit topped shrimp taco, the colors and flavors of these unique tacos are fun for everyone!

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