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Catering in Newport, RI

Are you hosting an event in or around Newport Rhode Island? Are you looking for a caterer in Newport RI?

If you haven’t already searched online for “caterers near me” or “caterers in Newport, RI/ catering in Newport, RI” I can tell you right now the results can be a bit overwhelming! Hopefully this article can help point you in the right direction for finding a caterer, venue, or planner in and around Newport, RI!

The first, and most important thing you need to determine is whether or not you are looking for an “all inclusive” venue where the catering and bar are included, or if you want a venue where you can bring an outside catering company in to provide food, bar, etc.

All inclusives are great for a destination wedding to Newport as there is a lot of details that you simply wont need to worry about because the venue’s staff will take care of for you! Just keep in mind that an all-inclusive venue in Newport may be a bit more expensive and you may be a bit limited in the creativity you can bring to the event or wedding.

Some all inclusive Venus in Newport, RI include:

Ocean Cliff Newport

Venues that allow you to bring your own catering company, bar, DJ, etc. are typically going to allow for more creativity, and you can manage your budget a bit more strategically. Be sure to take in to account ALL the costs when using a venue that is not all inclusive, as its easy to get blindsided by some of the hidden costs- trash management, tenting and lighting, dance floor, liability, etc. As long as you are prepared, Having your event at a venue where you can piece together all the parts yourself can be fun as you can customize everything to your liking!

Venus that allow outside vendors/ catering companies in and around Newport:

Another great way to entertain a large group is by just going to a restaurant in Newport that has a banquet room you can rent! Some restaurants will charge you for the banquet room plus the cost of the food while others will only charge you for the food. Reserving a room at a restaurant is a great way to keep it simple and entertain your guests. Keep in mind that there will be size and space limitations and from what I have found, most places are good for groups ranging from 25-75 persons. Having used a handful of these restaurants banquet spaces myself, I can also say that some offer amenities such as projector screens, music, and bar while others do not. Be sure to ask what all is included and what is available for amenities. There are quite a few restaurants in Newport that offer this service:

And finally, if you have selected a venue that permits off site caterers, you have 2 options for selecting a catering service: a restaurant that offers off-site catering services, or a catering company. It is important when speaking to a restaurant that caters to understand their capacity and style of catering. Typically, when working with a restaurant that caters, their catering menu, style, and services offered will imitate what they offer in the restaurant. Some restaurants have a very sophisticated and well developed catering division of their business, while others may just offer sandwich, and party platters, for pick up. If your putting together a seasonal or holiday party (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter) be sure to check with the restaurant or catering company about any special seasonal menu offerings!

Its also important to note that most of the strictly catering companies in Newport are typically a higher price point than restaurants that offer catering services, but many of them will also offer many more amenities.

Below are some restaurants that offer off-site catering in and around Newport:

Catering Companies servicing Newport, RI:

If you are not from the area and are planning a destination wedding, corporate retreat, family reunion, etc, but don’t necessarily want to go with one of the all inclusive destinations, there are also organizations and planners that can help you assemble all the pieces of your party while you are not here! Sometimes caterers have planners that they work with on a regular basis and if you have a caterer that you like but need help planning the rest of the event they can point you in the right direction. If you are planning a large event it can be almost a necessity to hire a local planner in Newport that knows the area, has relationships with venue managers, rental companies, catering company managers, and can help you find the right vendors to meet you needs. Here’s a couple event and wedding planners I know in Newport RI:

Hopefully this article helps you narrow your search and answer some questions you may have in selecting your catering company or venue in Newport!

Having grown up in Newport and lived here now for 28 years I have had the opportunity to attend dozens of events and weddings at most of the venues referenced above, and eaten the food provided from most of the catering companies listed. There truly is no one size fits all and each company has its own specialty! If you need any assistance in finding the right match for your event feel free to contact myself or my team at Flat Waves Food Shack. We want to see you get the right match for your event or wedding even if you are not using our services this time! Our team has relationships with many of the other catering companies and venues in the area and we are here to help you find the best fit.

Flat Waves Food Shack offers fun, fresh, professional, catering services in and around RI, MA, and CT. Our catering specialty is buffet style fusion bbq, and taco bar catering! Start with one of our packages or customize your own unique menu. We look forward to helping you with your next event!

For more information:

Phone: 401-847-9283

If you are a hospitality service provider in or around Newport, RI and would like to be featured in our blog or on this article feel free to contact us at!

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