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Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Caterer

I'm a great cook! Why should I hire a caterer?

What is the PURPOSE of your party? Is it to show off your cooking skills to your guests, or are you looking to ENJOY the party with your guests? We know that when your throwing a party, you want it to be fun for EVERYONE... including yourself! And what often gets forgotten is the amount of details and work that goes into throwing a party. Sometimes it's best to leave it to the party pro's, even if you are a great cook! Here's our top 5 reasons to hire a caterer for your next party...


As we just said, do you want to ENJOY your party, or WORK it? If your throwing the party, it's likely that you're celebrating something. So CELEBRATE and leave the stressing to someone else... Its time to kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself!

2.) Feed the People

Feeding a lot of people can be a ton of work if its not something you do everyday. And most likely your kitchen was made to feed your family and a few guests, but not the masses! When preparing food for a large amount of people, you may not even be equipped to do so. When you call in a professional, you can count on it being done right, and everyone getting fed!

3.) Try something different

Specialty catering companies often offer a fare that you wouldn't make in your home on a daily basis. From pig roasts to fine dining, from tacos to exquisite Italian, there's endless options to impress your guests!

4.) Save Time

Theres nothing worse than wasting a ton of time driving around trying to remember the last minute details and picking up all the little loose ends you may have forgotten on the morning of your party. From propane tanks to toothpicks to table cloths, its easier to forget something than remember all the details. Instead of driving to the store right before your party to pick up the last thing you forgot, create a new playlist for the party!

5.) Save yourself from an OH-NO moment

Oh-yes, we have all been there. The gas grill broke, the oven wasn't turned on when you thought it was, the food ran out halfway through the event and only the kids ate because they raced to the food first... whatever it might be, a professional catering company will have some fail-safe's for these oh-no moments that you may face doing it alone. Sometimes the stress-avoidance alone is worth hiring a caterer!

6.) Safety

Last but not least, food safety! Chances are, you don't have professional hot holding equipment or enough coolers to keep cold food cold for 100 people. A professional catering company will have equipment for transporting and hot holding food to keep it at a safe temperature for hours so no one at your party gets sick from improperly held food!

So next time your planning a party, whether its just for friends and family, or your entire town it might be worth considering the value of hiring a professional caterer in your area!

Flat Waves Food Shack offers fun, fresh, professional, catering services in and around RI. Our specialty buffet style fusion bbq, and taco bar catering! Start with one of our packages or customize your own unique menu. We look forward to helping you with your next event!

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