Here at Flat Waves we take a ton of pride in serving up some of the most delicious food you’ve ever had.  From Day 1 we’ve always believed in delivering  “gourmet food on a paper plate!” By skipping some of the frills of fine dining we bring you a killer meal at a killer price.


Our signature dishes are all made from scratch. The recipes have been developed over years of cooking, testing, re-cooking, and re-testing until we got it just right.  Were proud of what we make, and if you care to learn more about it, here’s a little more info about our favorite dishes and what makes up the Flat Waves fare.


Kalua Pulled Pork- Fresh pork butts seasoned with a Hawaiian style rub of ginger, garlic and kosher salt, wrapped in banana leaves, and slow smoked for 13 hours til’ it falls off the bone!


Almost Famous Sauces- Our Teriyaki, BBQ and Sweet Chili sauces are all scratch made in house! Whether you like salty, sweet, or spicy, we’ve got you covered.  And, the BBQ and Sweet Chili sauces are gluten free! 


Macaroni Salad- A fan favorite, this mac salad is a simple, delicious, mayo based mac salad with just the right amount of flavor!  Originally inspired by the Hawaiian style mac salad, we have put our own twist on it.  Were  little lighter on the mayo and calories, and little more on the flavor!


Fish and Shrimp Tacos- We start with a crisp refreshing cabbage slaw, add your grilled seafood of choice, and top it with our own pickled red onions and our tropical pickled salsa comprised of pineapple and jackfruit.


Acai bowls- We source all our Acai through a partnership with “Sambazon” who gets it directly from Brazil!  We have different topping offerings in our different locations, but the acai is always from Sambazon, always healthy, always NON-GMO, Fair Trade, and Organic!  If you’ve never had one, we warn you- they are addicting.



These are just some of our favorites, and if you ever have any questions about the food, its sourcing, or allergens feel free to email us at or call one of our restaurants and were happy to help!