Catering FAQ's:

  • Q. How will my guests with dietary restrictions know what they can/cannot eat? 
    A. Every catering order that goes out the door is sent with a display menu identifying which food items are Gluten Free & Dairy Free so guests with dietary restrictions know what they can enjoy.

  • Q. Do you have gluten free options? 
    A. Of course! We offer a variety of gluten free options for both our Taco Bar menus, as well as our Package options. 


  • Q. Is there a minimum amount of guests I need to have? 
    A. Yes - a 10 person minimum for catering orders. Local parties of under 10 people are more than welcome to order off of our restaurant menu or come enjoy a meal at the restaurant. 


  • Q. What is a "party crasher"? 
    A. A "party crasher" is what we call our event staff that will be on-site to work your event. They will make sure the buffet looks clean, the food is replenished, and are there to answer any questions your guest may have while enjoying our food. 


  • Q. Is there a delivery fee? 
    A. Yes, there is a $40 delivery & set-up fee which includes the food delivered straight to your door, set-up beautifully with serving utensils, and ready to go for your guests to enjoy!  


  • Q. What vegetarian options do you have? 
    A. To name a few, our vegetarian options include Grilled Tofu, Sauteed Vegetables, our house made Black Bean Blend, as well as seafood options - Grilled Cod and Grilled Shrimp. Our homemade Mac Salad, House Salad, Brown Rice, White Rice, Grilled Pineapple, and many taco bar toppings are all vegetarian as well. 


  • Q. How is everything set up?
    A. Everything we cater is set up buffet style. We supply plates, forks, knives, napkins and even wire racks with sterno fuel to keep all of the warm food hot for up to two hours. It is all self-serve so guests may make their plate to their liking.  


  • Q. How far will you travel? 
    A. We cater all over Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut! 

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